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Date:11/6/2016 8:56:36 PM
While the total size of the global attraction industry has reached 1,9 trillion USD, the size of this market has reached 12 billion USD. Total size of the attraction industry is expected to reach 17,5 billion USD in 2017. Having tapped the potential in the attraction and recreation industry in 2011, laid the foundation of a major exhibition at the national and international level. With ever-growing popularity and exhibitor base, ATRAX grew by 15% in 2015 compared to previous year, ATRAX had brought together 397 brands by 198 exhibitors and 8.957 professional visitors from 61 countries. At ATRAX – The International Amusement-Attraction, Parks and Recreation Industry and Services Exhibition which will be held for the 5th time this year, as it was the case in previous years, the leading attraction facility investors, municipality officials, game and equipment manufacturers, event organization companies, touristic facilities and architects from all around the world will come together. As part of its social responsibility projects and in partnership with Turkish Sport for All Federation, Tureks set the concept of this year’s exhibition, as “Sportive Cities are More Fun”. The goal with ATRAX exhibition, which will be held at Istanbul Fuar Merkezi between 1-3 December 2016, the goal is to draw public attention to recreational facilities that offer sports activities.
As a commercial platform that serves as a guide for sector’s professionals both in Turkey and Middle East, Balkan, Caucasian, African Countries, Russia, Turkic Republics and European countries where large-scale projects are developed, ATRAX will serve as the ultimate platform for new partnerships as well. Private companies and state enterprises that wish to keep pace with the development of the Turkish attraction industry, update their services and offer unique projects, will get together at the exhibition and contribute to national economy with the new business deals they make.
Municipalities are at the forefront with recreational projects
In recent years, Municipalities have started to show great interest in recreational areas that are developed to help public stay away from bad habits like smoking and drinking, adopt an active life style and live in harmony with the family and society. Accordingly, the municipalities have started to make big investments in theme parks and themed recreational facilities to improve the life quality of their residents. With the higher number of attraction and recreational projects brought to life by municipalities last year, there’s been an increased interest in the sector. And as a result, ATRAX hosted higher number of mayors from all over Turkey compared to last year. And this year again, the exhibition will be hosting a large number of mayors both as exhibitors and visitors.

Sportive Municipalities are at ATRAX
Municipalities play an important role in making sports popular in young generation. In line with local governments common motto of “sports for everyone, life long sports”, it is seen that they are turning cities and districts into “sportive cities” with new recreational areas and events that will appeal to people of all ages. And with the goal of making sports more popular in society, Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık will be hosting municipalities to help them share their projects with the society and get together with equipment manufacturers at this commercial platform.
Million Dollar Worth Residential Projects will Help Revive the Sector in Turkey
Considering the fact that new recreational areas will be developed together with thousands of residential projects that are planned or currently under construction, it is seen that ATRAX exhibition would play an important role in the development of the sector. ATRAX-Amusement, Attraction, Parks and Recreation Exhibition where big business deals are made every year, will feature a wide range of product groups including game parks where kids can work out their muscles, climbing walls, bicycles, adventure parks, theme park equipment, token toys, and sports equipment featured in parks.
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