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VR, dart machines were a major focus for AAA 2017
Date:3/15/2017 11:37:35 PM

Virtual reality (VR) and dart machines were a major focus of the 2017 Asia Amusement and Attractions Expo, held in China this month.
Spread across eight halls at the China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, covering an exhibition area of 80,000 square meters, AAA 2017 proved to be a Mecca for the gaming, amusement and attractions industry between March 8 and 11.
The large-scale show attracted hundreds of exhibitors, including big names such as IGS, Wahlap and Golden Dragon Amusement, and thousands of visitors across the three days.
On trend with other tradeshows this year, a large number of VR products and concepts were on show at AAA.
Ticket redemption and kiddie rides also had a big presence at the expo, along with pool.
There was a complete floor dedicated to pool tables and accessories at AAA this year.
Another large presence was dart machines.
Gaelco Darts was new exhibitor to AAA, but gained a lot of attention with its products, particularly Radikal Darts.
Radikal Darts is considered to be the most advanced dart board in the world, the company said.
It allows people to play and compete using online and virtual systems.
Currently, Gaelco Darts – a developer and manufacturer of electronic dartboards with online and video recording capabilities – distributes Radikal Darts in Europe, Asia and USA.
Gaelco Darts was born as a spinoff of Gaelco, a developer of arcade video games since 1985.
Gaelco launched games that soon were a tremendous success and became part of the history in the video games sector.
Nowadays, Gaelco Darts, as a totally independent company using its own technology, both in software and hardware, is one of the few European companies able to develop projects of technical complexity totally in-house.
The Radikal Darts machine has become a paramount example of technology applied to the traditional sport of darts.
Kevin Williams, director of KWP Ltd and chairman of the Digital Out of Home Entertainment Network Association (DNA), spoke at the expo.
He said AAA was a “fantastic opportunity to interact with the vast opportunities that the Chinese entertainment sector has to offer”.
“The opportunity to be invited to present to leading executives in this sector during the show conference, describing our work in developing immersive entertainment technology (including simulation, VR, AR and Mixed Reality), while learning of the developments being created in this sector, proved invaluable,” he said.
“That all this was achieved from an event only in its infancy demonstrates the great opportunity that exists in this market.”
It is estimated that the aggregate investment of the Chinese tourism industry has reached 3 trillion Yuan (from 2015 to 2017).
The development of tourist attractions, large parks and the construction of leisure resorts have become popular tourism investments.
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