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Final of Speed Rider 2 Championship Begun
Date:11/18/2012 11:22:26 PM

The 3rd Speed Rider 2 (hereafter referred as SR2) Championship Final was held by Zhanhui Animation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred as Zhanhui) and Wuhan COOHOO Park (hereafter referred as COOHOO Park) in Guanggu Zone, Wuhan on 28th October. Through 3 months selecting and preparing, 32 players were there to have a fierce competition in order to win the championship.

A wonderful fashion show was held before the official competition. And the dancing team of COOHOO Park performed the most popular dance--Gangnam Style. With these activities, the atmosphere was enlivened and more and more people were attracted to watch the competition.

After the performance, 32 players appeared on the stage. Lin Sen, representative of the players, took an oath. And director of COOHOO Park made a speech. At last, director of Zhanhui delivered opening address. Then, the competition commenced!

This time, 4 machines were lined up. They applied time trial and four rounds competition. 32 participants were divided into 8 teams and 16 of them were qualified to next round. In the second round, with 16 players split into 8 teams, final 8 have the qualification to enter into next round. The 8 participants then were divided into 2 teams in the third round, the winning team was qualified to the final round. The final 4 players should have competed for 5 turns. Players were ranked by adding scores they got from all rounds. To be fair, each player took their number, who they were against and playing order by drawing. The knockout was cruel but participants were confident. Everyone enjoyed the thrill and joy that were brought from competition. They couldn’t wait to perform their master-hand to audiences.

The first turn of the first round began with the first 4 players sitting at the motorcycle and the referee saying “GO” at 11:05. SR2 collects the maps of Shanghai, Heilongjiang, Beijing and Hongkong, which are applied as the racing track. It provides a real analog world using 3D technology. The track of this turn was relatively simple one-Shanghai Nanpu which was a piece of cake to the final 32. However, if they were remiss or even made a small mistake, they would fall behind from other players because of time trial. Players were concentrating on it to avoid any mistakes.

The clock was ticking. Every round of the competition was thrilling. Competition was always the key word of motorcycle race which was a make-or-break issue. The 32 players endeavoured to make steps the champion. The exciting and fierce atmosphere highlighted the competition.

After three rounds competing, Chen Manxiong, Feng Ruibin, Lin Sen, Lai Jianhua got the qualification to enter into the final round. The final 4 would challenge the most 5 difficult tracks. More and more audiences gathered around the stage to witness the arrival champion. Because of the same scores of Lai Jianhua and Feng Ruibin, they carried into overtime to get the first prize. Finally, Lai Jianhua won the champion, Feng Ruibin was the runner-up, and Chen Manxiong got the third place.

The competition came at an end at 4 p.m. Before the award show, dancing team again danced energetically bringing the atmosphere to boiling point.

Vice general manager of Zhanhui handed out the awards for the first three winners and Ke Nan of IGS gived the awards for players ranked in 4th-8th places. Generous awards were on offer. The first three best players could get total 30000 yuan and each could get an official trophy. Player ranked in 4th-8th place each got a uniform of 1000 yuan and an official medal. And all the players could get a commemorative T-shirt of SR2 and a commemorative medal.

The 3rd Speed Rider 2 Championship Final came to an end at complete success. Who will be the winner in next competition? Let’ wait and see!


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