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WLC2012 Successfully Came to an End
Date:12/18/2012 6:34:43 PM

On 3-4 November 2012, WLC2012 final was held in Worldmart Jewelry Plaza successfully came to an end, which was held by WAHLAP TECHNOLOGY (hereafter referred as WAHLAP). WLC2012 final attracted top players from different areas to gather in Panyu District—cradle of Chinese commercial game and amusement industry.

In September, WLC2012 began, which included 4 games-- SANKOKUSHI TAISEN 2.0, Speed Driver 3, Top Star and Dance Core. The prize of these 4 items was 80000 yuan. Winners of SANKOKUSHI TAISEN 2.0 and Speed Driver 3 can get the cash prize and honorable titles. Top Star and Dance Core were new items this year. It was said that the first three winners of Dance Core can be the spokesman of it. Winners of Top Star can get unique headphones.

WLC aims to build the largest and comprehensive platform of game competitions. More than 5000 players from more than 50 cities competed in 300 game and amusement places.

WAHLAP gave appreciation to the support of government, colleagues, media and game lovers. And WAHLAP says that it will build a professional and recreational game ceremony through marketing and regulations.

On 3 November, director of Guangzhou Panyu Animation & Game Association Guo Zhixiong attended the opening ceremony of WLC2012 final. He indicated that Panyu was the hub of game and amusement industry, in which many popular game machines were produced. And Panyu game and amusement industry will make efforts to fulfill the needs of players. Because of its higher goal of innovation, designs, research and development, manufacture and sales, Panyu has become the hub of game and amusement industry. However, it was the needs of players that boost the development of the industry.

Moreover, Guo said that WAHLAP was the leading industry of game and amusement industry in China. WAHLAP was the brand assurance of the products. WLC was the largest game competition platform. And he gave his best wishes to all players.

First, it was the finals of SANKOKUSHI TAISEN 2.0 and Speed Driver 3. SANKOKUSHI TAISEN 2.0 was developed by WAHLAP and Japan SEGA. And Speed Driver 3 was racing game, which developed by WAHLAP and Taiwan IGS.


SANKOKUSHI TAISEN was an item of WLC2011, which attracted many players. This time, final of SANKOKUSHI TAISEN applied elimination system, which required participants to have good strategy and playing methods. Han Benfang, everybody was envious of him, was lucky on the preliminaries. On the final, he was not as lucky as before. 177JAY defeated him. Tangtuanaoyi, winner of last year, fought with YOCI and got the qualification to enter into next round. The competition of final 8 was fierce. So was the final 4. At last, Tangtuanaoyi was the repeat winners getting 10000 yuan and an honorable title “World Hero”. Death got the second place winning 5000 yuan and the title of “Powerful General”. XO, a Guangzhou player, got the third prize winning 3000 yuan and title of “Brave Gerneral”.

Speed Driver 3

Speed Driver 3 still applied the elimination system. There would be 3 rounds on the final. Final 4 should compete for the points. Whoever got the higher points won the championship.

After fierce competition, Le Ansen, Gan Shaoquan, Gu Gangyi and Liangzhe became the final 4. The most powerful motorcade was Dark Alliance, whose members won the first and second prize. Le Ansen finally got the championship and the title of “Speed Driver”. Gu Gangyi was the runner-up. And Gan Shaoquan got the third prize.
After these two competitions, it was the award ceremony. Marketing director of WAHLAP, Zhu Yunjie, producer of SANKOKUSHI TAISEN, Niyama Taihiro, operating director of SEGA Jinwen(Shanghai) Amusements Co., Ltd., Seizann Kisige, and representative of SEGA Corporation, Watanabe Gennjinn gave the awards to the first three winners of SANKOKUSHI TAISEN. Zhu Yunjie, Father of Speed Driver Guo Bingjun and representative of IGS Zhang Kaiping presented the prize to the winners of Speed Driver 3. Guo Bingjun even made propaganda of Speed Driver 4, which highlighted the atmosphere.

Top Star

Top Star was the only music game with touch screen, which was developed independently by WAHLAP. With its unique features, it enjoyed great popularity. Before the competition, there was wonderful performance to enliven the atmosphere. In the preliminary, Top Star applied knock-out system. In the final, it applied best-of-three system. In the first round of the preliminary, everyone tries their best. Scores of them were pretty close. A small mistake would be fatal. Three predicted seed players entered into the next round smoothly.

The final 4 players were Feng Yuanyuan and three seed players—Luo Wenjun, Zhao Yingkun and Hao Bin. After 2 rounds fierce competitions, Luo Junwen who was from Panyu won the first prize. Zhao Yingkun was runner-up and Hao Bin got the third price.

Dance Core

Dance Core was the highlight of WLC2012, which was developed independently by WAHLAP. And Dance Core was the first dancing machine that using the technology of gravity sensor in the world. By inserting USB they bring, payers can dance with the songs they love. With these two functions, players love this game.

After drawing the orders, the competition began. WAHLAP also invited 7/7 Dance Group to be the judgers. They will give the points from foundation, movements, creativity and clothes, etc. The brilliant performances attracted more and more people. After the competition, judgers also came to play Dance Core to show their strength and they won warm applause from audience.

At last, Xiao Liuru who was from Guangzhou and queen of every dancing male player won the champion. Wang Jinshi was the runner-up. Liu Jingjun got the third place.

Build a Grand Game Ceremony from Long-term Perspective

Marketing director of WAHLAP Zhu Yunjie accepted our interview. He said that WLC aimed to build the brand of the most professional commercial game competition. WAHLAP had the determination to build this brand in order to change stereotype of “video game place is a bad place”. WAHLAP had made a 3-5 years plan. WAHLAP also made a promise to players and video games rooms that WAHLAP would insist on holing WLC even with difficulties and policies changes.

In the meantime, WAHLAP brought more and more classic game to WLC hoping games effected on competition. This year, Top Star, Dance Core, SANKOKUSHI TAISAN and Speed Driver 3 were the items of WLC. Players got much fun and good memory in WLC.

Experienced players praised WLC2012 that brought them fun and different experience. Details of players’ reception, competition scale, stage setting and so on reflected that WAHLAP attached great importance to players. We hope that WLC could be the game culture that will spread to the whole country.

Purse Innovation Take New Challenges

Because of high flow of foot traffic, the effect of propaganda will be better. WLC2012 was held in outdoor, which was a bold try. There were many unpredictable factors holding competition outdoor. Team members had spent more time on preparing backup plan. If holding competition indoor, there will be fewer problems and negative factors. It was fortunate that the weather was good when the competition was on.

Another bold try was the date of WLC. The date was the same as China (Zhongshan) International Games & Amusement Fair 2012. For a company, there was difficulty of exhibiting or holding a national competition. WAHLAP hoped that visitors can visit the game ceremony after visiting the fair. And WAHLAP also hoped that visitors can give them some advices.

Professional Players Enlivens Cultural Atmosphere

Due to interactivity of WLC, a team was established to make promotion of WLC. The team came around the country with presents and activity plan. WAHLAP finds it good for the sales through marketing service rather than the after-sales service that customers simply send back broken parts to repair.

Zhu says that commercial game atmosphere is good in the first-tier city. And game and amusement industry has more development space in the second-tier and third-tier cities, where needs businesses make more efforts to fulfill the needs of customers. When WLC was preparing, video game rooms had calls saying if they can got the qualifications to hold the opening ceremony and WLC final.
WAHLAP suggests that game and amusement places should train some professional players under the circumstances of lack of mass players. Some competitive games need professional players to help promote. Otherwise, some mass players will find the game boring. Surely, WAHLAP will give support to their customers including related training, promotional material and gifts as well as sharing experience of competition. It will help places easier to hold the competition and achieve a benign cycle.

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