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A Major Platform Bringing Together the Players of the Attraction and Recreations Industry Along with the changes in the national agenda in Turkey, the attraction-recreations sector continues to preserve its significance. It is well known that mainly municipalities as well as shopping malls Date:12/18/2016 6:51:49 PM
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A Major Platform Bringing Together the Players of the Attraction and Recreations Industry
Date:12/18/2016 6:51:49 PM

Along with the changes in the national agenda in Turkey, the attraction-recreations sector continues to preserve its significance. It is well known that mainly municipalities as well as shopping malls, hotels, housing estate companies and investors are working on new projects.

At the same time, as being at the heart of the intersection of target markets in Middle East, Africa and Asia due to its strategic location, Turkey keeps reinforcing its position as the amusement hub of the region at the international level.
In light of all these ATRAX which we organized for the fifth time this year and gathers the players of the attraction and recreations industry under a single roof, continues to walk with assured steps towards being a powerful platform with its comprehensive organizations.
First of all, we are more than happy to share with you that, with ATRAX 2016 Theme, which we set for this year which is “Sportive Cities are More Fun...”, we’ve received very positive feedback and created great repercussions. And based on this great feedback, we’ve decided to use the same theme in 2017 as well.
We believe that the fact that our conference which we organized for the second time this year keeps receiving increasing interest, and that we host a greater audience and as a result have more effective conference sessions, clearly demonstrates the sector’s need for such an organization. We’ll continue to organize conferences as part of ATRAX Exhibition next year as well.
We also believe that the fact that another important event we organize as part of ATRAX, namely “Shining Star Attraction Awards” receives more and more applications every year is an amazing news for the sector as a whole.
On the other hand, Atraksiyon Magazine and Portal, which we brought to life with a view to filling the communication gap in the sector, continue to be the eyes and ears of the sector and bring you the latest news from the sector as the first and only publication of the Turkish attraction and recreations industry.
We are more than happy to be serving our mission of contributing to the sector with all these organizations and projects. And finally I’d like to note that we’ll continue to create new opportunities, embrace the sector at the international level, follow the developments in the sector closely and bring you the latest novelties and developments in the coming years as well.
See you between 7 – 9 December ATRAX 2017!
Thank you,
Nergis Aslan / General Manager
Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık
ATRAX 2016 Theme “Sportive cities are more fun… “ attracted great attention…
This year, with its theme of “Sportive cities are more fun...”, ATRAX drew attention to attractions, events and recreational areas that require active physical involvement of their users as a reflection of the new trend which integrates sports into new generation attraction and recreational areas. While creating a healthy generation, sports also helps people get entertained, get more social and reinforces communication and spiritual bonding and also create peaceful cities where people are happy. Moving from this fact, this year ATRAX team carried out intensive promotional campaigns aimed at municipalities as a reflection of the local governments’ new mission of offering more recreational sport options for their citizens.
In addition to effective advertising and promotional campaigns, this year Shining Star Awards competition also featured new categories of “Sportive City of the Year”, “Sportive District of the Year”, “Sports Event of the Year” and “Sports Supporter of the Year”. In addition, the conference organized as part of the exhibition emphasized sports with its main title of “Meaning and Importance added by Sports and Recreational Activities to Urban Life”. All activities organized as part of the exhibition and conference attracted a great deal of interest from municipalities.
Our exhibition theme, which carries an element of social responsibility and contributes to the creation of a sports culture, will be covered more comprehensively in 2017 as well.
Conference Held for the Second Time This year as part of ATRAX continues to receive increasing interest...
The conference sponsored by Polin Waterparks and Vialand and titled “Potential Power of the Attraction and Recreations Industry and Strategic Progress” attracted a great deal of interest from both exhibitors and visitors for two days with its sessions titled “Attraction-Recreations Industry and Its Stakeholders” and “Meaning and Importance added by Sports and Recreational Activities to Urban Life”.
Throughout history, recreational areas and attraction facilities whereby people spend good time with family and friends have always been a necessity. And in recent years, local governments have been at the forefront as the most important institutions that meet this need. As the leading stakeholders of the sector thanks to the recreational areas they bring to life, municipalities contribute to the growth of the sector with new investments they make every year.
This necessity has also created its own economy and industry and turned into an opportunity for manufacturers, investors and service providers. Themed outdoor attraction centers, indoor attraction centers inside shopping malls, water parks and themed areas inside touristic facilities and activities organized in such areas have turned shopping malls, hotels and touristic facilities as well as event organization companies into major stakeholders of the sector.
This year’s conference has contributed to efforts for reviewing and evaluating problems among producers, investors and stakeholders that bring these products and services to people and assessing recommendations.
Also, as a reflection of ATRAX 2016 theme of “Sportive Cities are More fun...”, this year’s conference emphasized the meaning and importance that sports and recreational activities add to urban life and brought together mayors, academicians, as well as shopping mall and theme park administrators.
This year’s conference, which was organized for the second time, has attracted a great deal of interest from universities and hosted many universities and academicians. This, along with extremely positive feedback about the conference from participants have been a source of pride for us.
This year’s ATRAX Gala Night and Shining Star Awards Ceremony Created Great Repercussions…
“Shining Star Awards 2016 –  Attraction-Recreation Awards” which was organized as part of ATRAX Exhibition and was sponsored by Istanbul Aquarium Complex which features Crowne Plaza Florya, Istanbul Aquarium and Aqua Florya Shopping Mall, as the Gala Night and Award Ceremony Sponsor, were announced at ATRAX Gala Night held at Crowne Plaza Florya on the night of 2 December 2016.
Organized with the goal of rewarding successful projects, encouraging new projects and creating awareness in the sector, “Shining Star Awards 2016 –  Attraction-Recreation Awards” was joined by a record number of mayors across Turkey. The award ceremony joined by many mayors was a very vibrant one.
At the competition to which 137 nominees applied in 19 categories including starts of the exhibition category, a total of 25 awards found their winners. The winners were selected by 12 jury members comprising professionals of the attraction industry, academicians and society presidents after a diligent evaluation.
At the Gala night which was spiced up with amazing dance performance of Anadolu Atesi and violin shows and hosted by professional and friendly team of Crowne Plaza Florya, all guests had amazing time. We are more than happy to have received amazing feedback and thanks from all our guests regarding the night.
We hope to be with you with all the same excitement next year as well.


As an regular media partner of ATRAX, it is our great honor to be here every year to enjoy the tradeshow.



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