22’ Crazy Pasture

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It is the Patented Product.

Type: Gift Machine

Size: 1680*1250*2173 (mm)

Power: 220W


1. Crazy Pasture is a new kind of screen games with new game play. Players can have great fun.

2. After putting into the coins, players choose the gifts they like through joystick. Players press buttons written 【发球键】, then the game begins.

3. Animals are popped from the hole. The marble have the chance to crash mice and dogs. Shepherd will go in different ways according to the animals he crashes.

4. If shepherd finally can arrive at the last wood, players can get the gift they choose at the beginning. If players can not arrive at the wood in a round (3 balls), players can choose to continue the game (继续游戏) without choosing the gift again. And in this situation, players can restart the game under the game state of last round. If players want to choose another gift, they can choose not to continue the game (不继续游戏). Then after choosing the gift, the players should start the game at the starting point of the first round.

5. Language, coins putting rate, amount of players and time of launching ball can be set.

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