Crane Arcade Vending Game Machine

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It is the Patented Product.

1) Arcade crane vending game machine.

2) No MOQ.

3) Easy operation.

4) New design vending machine.


1) Arcade crane vending game machine:Nuggets No.1.

2) Easy to play


1.This is an coin operated game machine with modern appearance and bright color fantastic indoor games for kids machine game vending machine.

2.The machine shows up and down way to play with many different gifts to choose, tremendous fun and strong attractive for the customers. It has received a lot of high praise from many venue owners.

3.The gift box can be independent of the rate of adjustment.

4. You can crane different  types of gifts.

5. It is an easy operated game machine.

6.  It is suitable for game center, amusement park, and other entertainment purpose.

7. It is of high quality and with competitive price.



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