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A Brief Introduction to Development of Zhongshan Game and Amusement Industry
Date:12/27/2012 11:22:17 PM

In 1983, the first comprehensive amusement park Zhongshan Changjiang Amusement Park was established, which reflected spirit of Zhongshan—dare to be the forerunner. The development process of Changjiang Amusement Park was the mirror of the development of Zhongshan game and amusement industry.

Coincidently Appeared Industry

1980s was the beginning of reform and opening. Deng Xiaoping appealed leaders of provinces and cities to go to Guangdong to investigate and study. Zhongshan, a second-tier city, became the first station because of Changjiang Amusement Park. The novel amusement equipments like bumper cars, skyride, carousel, super swing to flume rides, chute rides, coaster rides and giant wheelsetc, etc, attracted visitors from Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong, Macao and other areas of the country. And even national leaders Yang Shangkun, Hu Yaobang, Li Peng, King Sihanouk of Cambodia, the tenth Panchen Lama Erdeni came there. Though these equipments were second-hand equipments imported from foreign countries, Zhongshan was still the pioneer of game and amusement fashion.

Because of the success of Changjiang Amusement park, Eastern Park, Nanhu Park, etc, amusement park sprung up. Experience of Changjiang Amusement Park spread widely. Facing with fierce competition, advantages of Changjiang Amusement Park lost.

In the meantime, machine tool factories seized the opportunities. The first amusement equipments company—Golden Horse Groip, appeared. Golden Horse needed to explore his own way. For years, it became the leading business in the industry. And private enterprises also appeared like Golden Dragon, Golden Eagle and Golden Lion.

Cold Winter of the Industry

Changjiang Amusement Park fell to decay after a few years due to the outdated equipments and fierce competition. This downturn lasted till 1997. And the equipments were given to Leshan, Sichuan. Chairman of Zhongshan Gaming and Amusement Association (ZGAA) and Golden Horse, Deng Zhiyi said that the development of Zhongshan game and amusement industry attributed greatly to Changjiang Amusement Park.

Game and amusement industry was a flourishing industry at that time. However, problems appeared in employment mechanism, decision managing and marketing in stated-owned businesses. Golden Horse suffered heavy losses. And private owned businesses appeared like Unis, G-LOOK. Through restructuring in 1999, Golden Horse made great progress. With 20years experience and technique strength, Golden Horse now is embracing the title “the first brand” of game and amusement machines. 

When everyone tried to expand scale of the business, the State Council had issued a document that the industry was affected greatly in 2000. Government will stop examining and giving approvals to arcade game rooms application expect equipping for big shopping mall and over three stars hotel. And it was forbidden to import game and amusement equipments. Some businesses were suffered a lot and closed. Some waited for turning point.

Spring Came

No.458 Decree of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China was promulgated on 29th January, 2006. The meeting passed Regulations on Management of Entertainment Venues and it came into effect on 1st March, 2006. It was spring to the whole industry. Zhongshan was one of the first exemplary cities. And it also provided the country with valuable development experience. “Made in Zhongshan” had become the highest level. Leading businesses like Golden Horse, Golden Dragon and G-LOOK held their own place in the market. Golden Horse built theme park. Market Platform of Dragon World International was successful. Chain store UNISLAND of UNIS were opened in Shanghai, Huizhou and Chengdu.

Because of the need of the industry, Zhongshan Gaming and Amusement Association (ZGAA) was established on 6th August, 2007. It was the milestone of Zhongshan game and amusement industry. And it would contribute a lot to the development of the whole industry.

Changjiang Amusement Park found its turning point in April, 2009. Golden Horse decided to build a new theme park combing with children’s play facilities, water playing and restaurant, which became a large-scale tourism areas. And it highlighted the enthusiasm of Zhongshan people again.

Scale of Zhongshan game and amusement industry is large now. And it has become the main producing center. Moreover, it enjoys great popularity at home and abroad due to its novel design, good functions, advanced technology and good taste of the products. The industry becomes more and more competitive.

Policy-oriented Industry

After Zhongshan became the national exemplary city of game and industry in 2006, government gave great support to its development of this industry. In 2008, Zhongshan was awarded the honorable title of “Manufacturing Base of Chinese Game and Amusement Products”. In 2009, Zhongshan was built to be one of the industry clusters of the industry. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine signed a memorandum on parliamentary cooperation with Zhongshan government.

With this opportunity, Zhongshan reregulated the industry improving market access of the industry. Relying on pilot businesses, Zhongshan promotes the development model of combing research and development, manufacture, sales and terminal places. It is encouraged to develop chain stores, franchise businesses and supporting operations and to help boost the development of the industry. Zhongshan tries to build a good business environment through enhancing market management.

Because it is the promising industry, Zhongshan Gangkou Town decided to build a manufacturing base there. Related government departments, association and industry experts were asked for opinions. The developing plan was made. According to the plan, there would be 3 areas which were design and manufacture area, business area as well as leisure and experience area.

Gangkou Town aims to integrate global resource and become the platform of manufacturing, trading, display, research and development. Some preferential policies were made to help the industry develop better. Government also gives support to construct a better environment to attract talents and establish a more comprehensive mechanism.

2012, Cold Spell?

Recent years, with the support of government, game and amusement industry makes great progress, which contributes a lot to economic growth. However, some companies broke the laws and ran business about gambling. And it inserted negative effects on the industry.

Development of things has two sides—the good one and the bad one. So does game and amusement industry. Some businesses pursued economic benefits and neglect social benefits when developing. Negative effects that they brought impede development of the whole industry.

Zhongshan suffered from industry depression this year. But with years accumulating experience, Zhongshan has the advantages on export sales. Compared with other areas, Zhongshan is influenced less. But still there are problems Zhognshan companies need to solve like homogenization of products, copyright protection.

Spring of game and amusement industry comes. Cold spell is just a normal phenomenon. Regulation is an inevitable process of development. If illegal acts can not be controlled, market disorder will insert more negative effects. Everyone focuses on business speculation and neglect research and development, innovation and brand awareness improvement. Only in regulation, can the industry develop well.

Recreates Glory

Trends of precise product classification and industry diversification were reflected in China (Zhongshan) International Games & Amusement Fair 2012 which was held in November. Companies began to seize the consumers’ attention and find their market positions. Companies of Zhongshan make them a model. They put high value on management, research and development and brand management using scientific and flexible marketing approaches to make larger profits.

Different from other industry, game and amusement industry not only makes economic profits but also social effects. Positive effects should be actively publicized while negative effects should be suppressed. If there is no regulation, it will impede the development of the whole industry.

After years’ development, vicious competitions are fewer and fewer. Businesses hold their own places in the market and explore new developing mode eliminating the single patterns. For example, UNIS’s chain stores of amusement parks, Golden Horse’s cultural and amusement businesses are the successful models.

Hope Zhongshan will recreate its glory in game and amusement industry.


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