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Sichuan: Forefront and Breakthrough of Southwestern Market
Date:4/16/2013 10:23:18 PM

The opening ceremony of CAM2011.

The opening ceremony of CAM 2012.

In the past 2012, what was the market condition of Sichuan? What is the difference of southwestern market? What are the needed game machines? What is the trend of the future market? AmuseWind interviewed some senior operators to explore the developing road of southwestern arcade game market.

Due to the regulation in 2012, many arcade game hall has to be shut down. Another strange phenomenon appeared. It is much easier to run arcade game hall in country-level cities than in municipal city. And running arcade game hall in provincial cities is the most difficult. It is not only because of the different recreational ways, but also because of the policy and management ways. The arcade game halls in country-level cities and some small towns are comparatively active.

The key factor is the policy. It is clearly stated in the national Ministry of Culture Document No. 55 that the nation will support and regulate the operations of arcade game halls. However, not all operators think that the market is promising. Some say that it is not easy to regulate the industry. The key to industry development is about coordination of different areas and consensus of supervision department and law enforcement department. Only with the problems solved can the arcade game halls be operated well within the law.

Industry fair will be a good platform to know more about dynamic of southwestern market. It is the 4th edition of Chengdu Amusement Machine Fair (CAM) this year. Through the past editions, 200 manufactures and distributors exhibited their products in CAM and 40000 plus visitors visited CAM. With its commercial effects and good attitude, CAM has become the largest and the most professional game and amusement machine fair in western China.

Sichuan, representing southwestern market, is relatively open. In 2006, Chengdu was listed in the pilot cities of arcade game hall operation and management by National Ministry of Culture and became the forefront of exploring the industry development. And it is also clearly stated in the Twelfth Five Year Plan of Chengdu Cultural Industry Development that animation and game industry is giving priority to develop. Tianfu new district is being planned to be the window of inland open. And it will become the platform between the western China and global economic, technology, information, culture, communication and cooperation. Guanghan Animation and Game Industrial Park is in construction covering innovation, research and development, display, sales and tourism. And it will be the largest and most effective cluster base of the industry and worth more than 10 billion yuan. Once completed, it will help boost the development of the industry.

Tang Chao, sales director of southern areas of Belrare Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., said exhibiting on CAM achieved good promotional effects. Miss Zhou of Guangzhou Sanhe Technology Co., Ltd. said they just wanted to have a try exhibiting on CAM. Surprisingly, they got more orders. Attendances of CAM were professional customers. Zhongshan Fangzhao Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. expresses that it is necessary to take part in CAM. Yonghe Electronic Co., Ltd says they want to know more about the market information of western China. Due to west development of China, game and amusement industry in western China must be promising.

Investors of Sichuan arcade game halls hope that they can earn more money with less investment. This is the reason that no local brands of Sichuan arcade game hall appeared. However, if the policy remains stable, the scattered game halls have good purchasing power.

With large population of Sichuan, people need recreations. There is great potential of the market. Like the other places. Sichuan is also waiting the further policy.

Some think that western market will be better in the next half year. After Spring Festival, many companies feel that the market is recovering. Centralized development will be the trend of the industry. Only with further regulation can the arcade game hall be well operated. And it is also worth for operators thinking about how to upgrade the level of the halls.

Brief Introduction of CAM 2013

Chengdu Amusement Machine Fair 2013 (CAM 2013)


23rd—25th May,2013 (Thur.—Sat.)

Stand setting up time:

21th-22nd May, 2013 (Special Stand)

22nd May, 2013 (Shell Scheme)

Stand dismantling time:

25th May,2013, 2 p.m.

Visiting time:

23rd—24th May,2013,  9 a.m.—5 p.m.

25th May,2013,  9 a.m.—4 p.m.


Hall 5, New International Convention & Exposition Center Chengdu


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