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Video games city game daily maintenance need to be aware of
Date:10/20/2016 1:01:28 AM

Arcade game machine equipment for daily maintenance of a lot of people don't know how to start, console manufacturer of technician in this respect is very skilled, engaged in the production operation, after all, must be to understand the products, then arrange the macro console manufacturer here is to introduce some measures of routine maintenance console. 

Smooth game should be placed, to avoid shaking vibration,  to prevent metal parts or alternative currency fell to the electronic components on short circuit burn out parts. 

Console should avoid high voltage, strong magnetic interference:  electronic lighter machine such as high pressure disturbance will cause computer board program out of control, serious can damage computer board, the shopkeeper to play the guest should strengthen the supervision. 

Computer board placement: general with suspension as well, should avoid and the metal parts in the machine, the screw contact, such as  avoid using antistatic film, anti-static foam isolation computer board, in order to avoid short circuit board. 

Regularly measuring console PC board's blue plug voltage between the first and third foot, shall ensure that in the range of 4.8 V to 4.8 V.Voltage fluctuation caused by potentiometer or components parameters, should be measured regularly,  adjust power supply + 5 v knob to correction on the box.Too low will be on board crashed.Too high will burn. 

Scanning plate adjustment: in order to keep a good visual effect also should constantly adjust scan board correction,  as shown in the figure scan board knob. 

Tube maintenance:

(1) high brightness will shorten the service life of the tube, brightness to should be moderate. 

(2) the moisture can lead to high pressure tube is lighter and burn scanning board or computer board. 

(3) tube color is not pure to use eraser degaussing. 

Above this article console manufacturer technician is detailed to introduce the maintenance details, more technical failure problem can leave a message in the macro console manufacturer here feedback, let us work together to explore knowledge game related technical problems.

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