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Hand in Hand We Create a Bright Future—An Exclusive Interview with Ye Weitang, the President of ZGAA
Date:2/22/2017 12:55:36 AM


With the increasing interest in the amusement market, game & amusement industry has ushered in the great opportunity of transformation and upgrading. Especially in the year of 2016,there were underwent sweeping changes: the opening of government policy, change of families' consumption, multiple operation of recreation places, bloom of VR, trend of cross-cooperation, ect.. These all lead our industry to a development by strides. No matter from economy scale or company number, or the industrial share, year 2016 is a harvest year. As an summary of 2016, it was really a great honor that we(AmuseWind) had the opportunity to interview with the president of Zhongshan Gaming Amusement Association(ZGAA), Ye Wetang. Let’s see what he thought about new forces and new pattern of this industry.
the president of Zhongshan Gaming Amusement Association(ZGAA), Ye Wetang
YE: Transformation and upgrading is a foregone conclusion. Grasp the opportunity and dodge the risk are the emphasis.
2016 is an important year, this industry faced with many changes, it is a turnaround. We heard good news from   Industry Transformation and Upgrading Summit Forum. At the forum, the related officials of SAT (State Administration of Taxation), Ministry of Public Security, and Ministry of Culture, gave detailed explanations on the policies of taxation on the entertainment industry, the security administration and the transformation and upgrading of amusement places. Meanwhile, they also affirmed the achievements of the entertainment industry in these recent years, implying that the tax degree on amusement places will drop from the previous 25% to a historical minimal point 6%.
Based on the principle of balancing regulation and service, the Ministry of Culture enacted more targeted policies centering on the transformation and upgrading of the entertainment and game industry, and encouraged entertainment companies to be transformed into popular culture places which feature “clean places, healthy contents, regulated service, abundant types, diverse targets, and positive images”. On April 23rd, China Electronic Game Super League (CGL), hosted by China Cultural Entertainment Association (CCEA), initiated a competition among people from all ages. Thousands of amusement places from all over the country took part to present their righteous images towards the public, making them change their previous bad impressions. As for enriching the commercial types, Wangka and Play 1, which combine many elements such as entertainment, fitness, competition, dining, and leisure, etc., formed good examples of multi-types of commercial operations, providing more choices of recreation for people.
With the promoting of this CGL, arcade games will not be limited to amusement, but will also enter the career planning of the players, which creates more occupation choices and therefore becomes one of the economical drivers of social development. There are going to be new breakthroughs in the game and entertainment industry as well.
As an important part of Culture Entertainment industry, game & amusement industry has always been closely concerned and supported by ministry of culture. From 2015, leaders from many regions came to Zhongshan to visit our parks and G&A fair. They came here to see the development of this industry and analyze how to bring this industry into a healthy and ordered direction. When the children’s amusement industry get hotter and hotter, more and more companies are attached into our industry. This trend is obvious in Zhongshan. There are now more and 400 amusement companies here. Also, many group property investors like Wanda, Evergrande, start to enter makes the cross operation become a new model.
But, I have to say that this kind of development is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, increasing market share provide more work opportunities for society. On the other hand, comes with competitions. Especially that China is a country based on manufacturing . Companies begin to face with higher energy prices, employee prices and financing cost. So, every company should think carefully of their future development direction.
The key point to overcome development bottleneck is to correctly handle with the talents, capital and development.
There are bottlenecks in every company’s development. Because of a lack of R&D strength and intellectual property, enterprises always dig into a situation where they do not have enough talents and finance. Vicious price competition between them also bring about a lot of social problems. The talents, capital and development come into a malignant cycle which is a hidden danger.
Scientific plan and rational market position is the base point.
For enterprises, first to survive, then to develop. Zhongshan Gaming Amusement has a complete industrial line in project planning and recreation places investment. And it has world-leading strength of R&D and product in VR, multimedia tech ,also cooperate with Disney, universal Studios, Happy Valley, and OCT East, these well-known brand. Zhongshan does has our own advantages. In 2016, we (Zhongshan Gaming Amusement Association) work with famous foreign IP and learn from them. We communicate with governments and seek for business opportunities. We try our best to promote the Unity of Zhongshan game companies. That will also be our working emphasis in 2017. Cooperating with Guangdong Game& Amusement industry city and culture association, to play the role of ZGAA and find more business opportunities for our member enterprises.
In the future, the industry will be no more limited in game center and other traditional playground. Our recreation places will be more diversified. Moreover, we will bring in some new business areas, like Idart, food, clothes and other leisure industries. Expanding the targets customers of entertainment industry and to search for what the most public want.
Protection of intellectual property rights is an important problem to be solved, especially in Guangdong game & amusement culture industry city. This is a new industry with heavily update bound. As I just said, because of the lack of talents and technology, there are many plagiarisms. You can find many productions in the same look and play features. This is an infringement act. But this is inevitable in every industry. the very thing we can do is improving our own R&D level and uniting together to form a right-protection awareness and power to stop this bad industrial habit.
Unity cooperation is an unstoppable trend. As we all known, Zhongshan is one of the most important game bases in China. There are many great companies and their innovated products and high-end services are known by overseas and domestic customers. Zhongshan can be regards as an name card of Chinese amusement. Especially, after the complete of Guangdong game & amusement culture industry city. The industry has gone into another new stage. the city is going to be a characteristic town in a tourism form. It will become a complex platform combining with play and exhibition function to open to the public. Enterprises in Zhongshan now has gathered in an unity army group, leading by the big companies. We will use our resources to make a path of our own characters.
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